Social issues

JFK's Dreams For Children

  John F Kennedy would be 100. It’s a celebration of a birthday many of us never see. JFK lives on because of his many good works and ideas. I remember being about eleven and being glued to the television,… Continue Reading →


I wrote a post earlier about I could relate to much of the story myself. I’m facing similar circumstances. I find myself scrambling for solutions to my dilemma, and have finally come up with one. I will go homeless. I… Continue Reading →

Women are Declining to Breed

Motherhood was driven into me from childhood.  Schools even promoted it.  I was required to take Home Economics though I wanted to do Wood Shop.  But school could never have prepared me for what happened. Through no fault of my… Continue Reading →

Elder Abuse

  Sadie heard the commotion downstairs. It was loud enough to disturb her tenants. Sadie took her responsibility to her tenants seriously. Then there was her son who put up with the constant abuse this woman dealt out. She feared for everyone—including… Continue Reading →

Foster Care

Names are changed for confidentiality reasons. Let’s call my friend Pat. Pat did foster care in years past. I observed the care of ‘her’ kids. She had raised a brood of her own; now she raised the children of others. Pat was… Continue Reading →

I, We, You, and Me What's the Bottom Line?

I went to physical therapy yesterday. I met Shira, a very competent professional. As we were working on my hands, I began to recount my experiences as a child, and she said, “I don’t want to hear it.” I told… Continue Reading →


  The movement to test our children to ensure they received the education they need to function as adults started decades ago.  I welcomed this process.  My oldest son was one who was being pushed from grade to grade in the interest… Continue Reading →

Tape Erasure

Back in my University days, rumor had it that two professors (one black and one white) had made racial comments during classes. They lost their jobs due to the fact lectures had been recorded and so had their comments. Teachers took action… Continue Reading →

‘This Side of Life’ Discusses the meaning of “Troublemakers”

I went to a college renown for polishing young teachers, and—although it was evolving at the time—still did. I wrote a column in our college rag. Enjoyed it, I did. But I suspect those that read my column and knew… Continue Reading →

The Price of Beans

  I wrote this during difficult times. My point, however subtle, was that bullying has a distinct cost to society. I experienced bullying in school, and it was terribly disruptive to my education. I implored school officials to intervene to… Continue Reading →