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Subcultures be Damned and They are Killing Us

I’ve studied psychology all my life. I studied canine behavior for twenty years. I once had two bitches that had puppies in the same moments.  One bitch scrambled over to the other litter and demolished two puppies.  I locked the offending bitch… Continue Reading →

Latch-key Kids

He was a latchkey kid. For those of you who don’t know what this is, it’s a kid who has a key to get into a home when parents are working. No one is there when they get home from school. Arthur was a sweet… Continue Reading →


  What is Success? How do you get there? Success entails a great deal of effort. I often define it in dichotomous terms of being a Victim or a Victor, but I’m wrong. There’s a lot of gray in between…. Continue Reading →

An Incorporated World is in the Offing

Pamela 🐝 Williams jarred me from my complacent dream with her piece: I’ve tried to ignore what I’ve considered to be an evolutionary backslide for quite a while. I hunker down in my dream and hope events will bypass me, but I know in my heart they… Continue Reading →

Those Weren't the Days

Youth was an interesting time.  Do me a favor and play this while you read. Now you might think I was a real pothead because I loved this song.  I wasn’t  I just loved the damned song.  I hated the… Continue Reading →

This Side of Life

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I wrote this for my readership back in University. I had a following comprised of teachers and students. This is what writing meant to me then–and now: ‘This Side of Life’ The last issue of “The Log” brought you your… Continue Reading →