A beBee Celebration

  Too early? Not in my dreams.  And I have a recipe for you. I took a tumble the other day and cracked a rib, etc. I’m an opponent of painkillers, so my way to deal with the pain is to… Continue Reading →


Hago lo mejor que puedo con el traductor. Los enlaces están en inglés. Minutia Es verano, y vivir es fácil. En el camino a los comunes, la gente se ha desplegado del frío. Son amables y hellos son próximos. No… Continue Reading →

The Goddess of Cribbage

A tickle stuck in her throat; it was this side of a choke. Heather trussed the silent woman’s hands together with a tight, double-looped knot. She hadn’t meant for Fran to get in the way—it just sort of happened. Fran… Continue Reading →


Food was hard to come by. Buildings had cropped up all around until the sun no longer shone in the windows located on the right side of my house. Then, too, there was the matter of families staying closer to one another…. Continue Reading →

The Samurai

My daimyo has died this day. His second wife, Tsukiyama, was born into my family and taken by the great man in his later years as a concubine. I have visited my mother to see how she fares, and to… Continue Reading →

The Ghost

I met a ghost one of these past summer days. He crossed in front of my car as I made my way through Salem’s backstreets. Two other men walked with him, smiles twisting on their faces, making light of the… Continue Reading →

Frannie Roth

Frannie Roth sat in the chaise lounge in the backyard, letting the sun soak into her transparent skin.  She was old.  A blue vein pulsed rhythmically as it crossed her temple. 


She looked out the window at the sun. It hadn’t moved. Funny—it felt as if hours had passed since he called to tell her he needed to pick up some of his things. But the position of the sun told… Continue Reading →


    He’s dead. She wondered how those words would feel rolling off her tongue: She toyed with them, letting them trickle through the screams drifting through her head. He’s dead. She looked at the silent form beside her: a boy lying on an emergency-room stretcher hooked… Continue Reading →