My Name is ASIA

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Alright—those of you who read my work know my name is not ASIA; it’s Joyce, but I have ASIA.  It walks with me daily—every hour, minute and second.  And I don’t mean the continent: I mean the disease. I began… Continue Reading →

My Journey with Autoimmune Disease

Please note: I believe my AI is actually ASIA.  Since Medicine and Industry are now bosom buddies, there is little chance I will receive treatment for my disease.  ASIA is suspected to be caused by vaccines, and the mantra about… Continue Reading →


David B. Grinberg rekindled this for me with his buzz I was selected to be a student volunteer in the First Year Reading Experience (FYRE) program.  I was excited but knew I’d need accommodations to attend. For me then as… Continue Reading →


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I’ve been disabled in one way or other all my life. For the decades my Autoimmune Disease went undiagnosed, they said the periods of time my AI drove to my bed were disabling bouts of depression–that the progressive numbing of… Continue Reading →

The Meaning of Multiple Sclerosis

Sounds like an unpleasant topic. It is and it isn’t. It all goes by what you are willing to accept. That said, MS is a pain in the arse. I used to be able to type as fast as I… Continue Reading →