Child Abuse

My Story of Child Abuse

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What is the view of child abuse? I struggle with that question.  I’ve found that child abuse survivors are viewed as damaged goods.  I see pity in people’s eyes.  I say, don’t see me and my ordeal—understand that there are… Continue Reading →

The View; Child Abuse

I write. It’s what I do. I’m no longer a critical thinker, per se. I weave real-life stories, and I strive to illustrate the damages child abuse levies through my life experiences. I’ve become a ‘bottom line’ sort of person. … Continue Reading →

Salem Hospital; Child Abuse

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Joyce Bowen ✅ Freelance Writer, ✅ Child Advocate, ✅ beBee Brand Ambassador 🐝       Doctors are Gods; are they not? I don’t think so, but they think they are. I once had a doctor say to me, “Things are getting… Continue Reading →

Deception; Child Abuse

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I’m not driven to tears often. I see myself as staunch and stoic. Last night, however, I found my face bathed in that salty fluid as I listened to myself assure a victim of a crime that justice would now… Continue Reading →

Predation: Stories of Stolen Childhoods; Child Abuse

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We are a society of subcultures. As such, each subculture develops its own policing mechanism.  Doctors have Board of Medicines; lawyers have the Bar; etc.  We have to follow the Law.  In most cases, these subcultures do not. I have… Continue Reading →