vaccinate your children and where did you do your research?

This is where you are being seriously misled. It’s a corporate strategy called externalizing—when corporations place blame on unsuspecting third parties in order to deflect people away from their activities. The Vaccine-Injured are perfect patsies.

I did vaccinate my children and myself with disastrous consequences. The vaccine-injured make perfect patsies for sopping up the blame for why we don’t want to die or be crippled. A small piece of our story is here:

My Cry in the Night

So now it seems we will be shoved in these types of places:

“Assembly Bill A99 2019-2020 Legislative Session

Relates to the removal of cases, contacts, and carriers of communicable diseases who are potentially dangerous to the public health”

NY State Assembly Bill A99

Can’t let people run loose telling the truth about these shots. If New York falls prey to this, the pharmaceutical industry will go from state to state rewriting our laws. [Managing Editor Cheryl Richardson of the Salem News told me industries tend to do that kind of thing.]

It’s quite similar to this:

“Murderous medicine

Nazi doctors, human experimentation, and Typhus”

Back in the early days of the Holocaust, they sequestered undesirables under the guise of “Public Health.” People don’t read their history, so it seems it is going to repeat itself.

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