These may look fairly innocuous, but these two items were pulled off the market in the US because of the damage they were causing.  I can assure you, children were devastated–mine [particularly my oldest] were.

We continue to inflict these on children in other countries around the world–third-world countries–countries that have no protections for their children.  Persons professing to have children’s best-interests-at-heart travel around the world touting the saving of children as their motivation–are doing nothing less than destroying lives.

As governments poise to destroy all children but the most fortunate, we must wake up to what is being done.

Parents seeking to protect their children are being called anti-vaxxers, pro-plaguers and worse.  Our children are being cleaved from our breasts.  This must stop.

We are not eradicating disease: We are eradicating children.

We are the vaccine-injured, and we will never stop speaking out.

Copyright 2019 Joyce Bowen

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