Perhaps it is because those of us who have children who have been destroyed by these shots are telling young parents to take care. We all suffered tremendously because of the damages we suffered from these shots. I was persecuted because of my oldest child’s aberrant behavior—back in the days when we were called “refrigerator moms.”

The shots my oldest received are here:

A wonderful social worker took up our cause and protected us all. They were ripping these early brain-damaged children out of homes and placing them into an overburdened foster care system. I knew I loved my children so much that if anyone could figure out how to deal with this it would be me. I succeeded in many ways, but not enough.

A law had been passed—a  mandatory reporting law—the more children institutions ripped out of homes, the more grant money the institutions received.


I studied this law relentlessly some time ago.  I did not do it for the reason below—it was another issue—just plain child abuse.

They used this to rip the first wave of vaccine-injured children out of homes:

42 U.S. Code § 5106a.Grants to States for child abuse or neglect prevention and treatment programs

The more children an institution or hospital ripped out of homes, the more funding they received.  The foster care system in my state was dismal.  I have an acquaintance, who was a foster care mother, and she received $600.00 per month per child, and everything that child needed had to come from it.  Programs like Food Stamps and WIC were wide open to foster families but screwed tight for those desperately trying to hold on to their children.

Because we were blamed for what happened to our children, life was a daily struggle.  There were constant scrutiny and turmoil.  Life was very, very hard.  I was fortunate that I was assigned a caring social worker who recognized my devotion to my children.  I also think she may have had an inkling that something sinister was afoot and it wasn’t the families.  We kept in touch over the years.  She passed away in 2009.

The way 42 USC CHAPTER 67 was formatted, states received money for putting Mandatory Reporting Laws in place. 

This is the format that is being proposed for states to institute Mandatory Vaccination.  This format worked well for Mandatory Reporting—it will sweep through for forced vaccination.  I’m fairly certain anything accomplished on state levels will fall by the wayside.  I see them as hollow victories.  That’s if the Democrats take over, and I suspect they will.  Then they will again use 42 USC CHAPTER 67 to rip unvaccinated children from homes—the more children hospitals and institutions take, the bigger the grants will be.

I think this is a strategy put in place by industry.  Put people’s noses to the grindstone at the state level while industry works the Feds—and it’s working.  If the Dems sweep the election, everything is already in place at the Federal level.

I remember little Josh’s mom–a boy much like mine. Out-of-control–constant movement–needing 24/7 care. I heard a rumor Mom was giving him up. I asked her how could she do that?

“I have three more children at home,” she said.

I knew if she did not give up Josh the system would make a clean sweep–take them all. She knew it, too. I refused to relinquish my boys.

Another social worker told me decades later that it was a good thing I hung on so hard because the seized children hadn’t fared so well. These were horrific times.

Stories like these coming from crippled old women bear fruit in the protection of children. The people who should be prosecuted are the people wielding these horrible things. I doubt a single perpetrator will see prison-time.

We are the vaccine-injured, and we will never stop speaking out.

Copyright 2019 Joyce Bowen

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