H.R.2527 – Vaccinate All Children Act of 2019


So many of us have suffered the damage. We’ve lost children; been bankrupted, and lived lives of dismay. Politicians are blind to our pain and suffering. It seems they just don’t care. This bill is not the final blow; it’s simply the beginning of the end for many of us. Adult mandates will soon follow.

Could this pass into Law in the Fall of 2019?

There seems to be a love affair going on in our Federal Government when it comes to those shots. A search on vaccin at congress.gov revealed these results:


There will be no moving from state to state. H.R. 2527 at the Federal level offers grants to States to institute vaccine mandates for our suffering children. We are being sold out.

One politician sent me an answer to my plea. It went like this:

Dear Joyce,

Thank you for contacting me to express your concerns about public health policy.

Our health system develops innovative treatments, performs groundbreaking procedures, and attracts some of the best and brightest scientists to our hospitals and research labs. But we have a significant amount of work to do to reduce costs, shrink socioeconomic differences in health outcomes, and improve the health of all Americans – including through prevention and public health efforts.

Programs that prevent the spread of disease, promote public health, and keep health care costs low save lives – and they are a great investment. According to Trust for America’s Health, every dollar invested in proven public health programs yields $5.60 in health care savings within a five-year period. I have fought to protect these programs, including by speaking out against Republican efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which created the vital Prevention and Public Health Fund. This fund supports fundamental public health programs, including lead poisoning prevention, prevention for many chronic diseases such as obesity, and vaccine coverage.

In order to strengthen public health, I am particularly interested in improving antibiotic stewardship, expanding access to lifesaving vaccines, and strengthening our nation’s ability to respond to disease outbreaks. The increase in antibiotic resistance is a growing public health problem, and we need to both improve antibiotic stewardship and develop new antibiotics that are able to treat infections. There is strong and growing evidence that antibiotic use in food animals can lead to antibiotic resistance in humans, yet the use of medically important drugs in food animals continues to grow. I have continued to work with my colleagues to evaluate and promote efforts that federal agencies are taking to monitor and control antibiotic resistance in animals. 

It is critical that Congress and the Administration invest the resources necessary to fully support public health – especially when dealing with infectious disease outbreaks. We need to work to prevent such outbreaks, but we also need the resources to respond to them if and when they occur. We also need to do more to ensure that children and families have access to nutritious food, and I will continue to support increased funding for federal anti-hunger and nutrition programs.

I will continue working with my Senate colleagues to find ways to support public health programs that could help us revolutionize the landscape of health prevention and treatment. I will also continue to fight for investments in prevention and public health programs – whether through antibiotic stewardship, immunizations, or pandemic preparedness and response activities.

I appreciate your reaching out to me, and please do not hesitate to contact me in the future about issues of importance to you.

My answer went like this:

What is in these shots is killing and maiming people.  It’s quite disheartening to see you people are not intelligent enough to understand the science.  The alternative is that you people are being heavily compensated by the pharmaceutical industry.

You people have wiped out my family with these death-dealing shots.  Shame on you.  There are millions of us now, and we will not abide these toxic shots.  You are bankrupting our health and finances with these shots.  You will bankrupt the country.  Seventy% of all adults in the US are chronically ill.  Fifty-four % of our children are chronically ill.  That’s a hell of a report card for you people.

Abolish this law. 

Supreme Court Upholds Immunity for Vaccine Manufacturers


Perhaps then vaccines will become safe and effective.

Vaccinating pregnant women?  Babies will and are being born sick.

Integrated analysis of environmental and genetic influences on cord blood DNA methylation in new-borns

These are healthy?

Vaccine Excipient Summary

Excipients Included in U.S. Vaccines, by Vaccine

There’s so much more out there.

I’ve been called dangerous and been accused of killing people with my story. I’m still trying to figure out why I must die to promote what?

Here is one plea I sent to a reporter in California:

On Wed, Feb 20, 2019 at 6:08 PM crwriter <crwriter@comcast.net> wrote:

I can’t remember when I’ve been so terrified.  Vaccines took out my whole family.  What are you people doing?  I mean, seriously.  I have two fingers left with which to type.  It probably cost the school system $1,000,000 to educate my damaged children.  That’s property tax money where I come from—the taxpayers paid.

Some of us cannot be vaccinated—not all.  There is a gene variant on the MTHFR gene that subjects us to too much damage with these shots.  It is relative to mitochondrial DNA.  It’s estimated that 20% or more have this gene variant.

There is plenty of research out there to show how these shots damage people.  The CDC’s own data proved the autism link—read “Vaccine Whistleblower” with the forward written by RFK Jr.  There’s much more out there.

Mainstream media is not covering these stories.  I know begging doesn’t help, but I’ll beg you anyway.  Someone out there in mainstream media please do the research!

Here was his answer:

What a crock of shit. I’d laugh, but people like you are literally getting people killed. 

From that journalist’s answer, I take it that those who cannot have these shots are not part of the “herd.” I never wanted to be a cow anyway. I will continue to fight for my life and the lives of my sons. We will all fight to save our loved ones.

I sent another reporter this email:

Yes—the science is clear—20+% of the population are severely damaged by these shots.  There is a test to determine who is at risk, but they won’t do it.  Why?  It flys in the face of the dogma that 95% must be given these shots to attain herd immunity.  So if you cannot give these shots to a chunk of the population, how do they force mandates?  It’s $ signs for industry—they will make trillions.  They do not care about health at all.

You cannot sue vaccine-makers in this country.  Congress passed a law in 1986 indemnifying vaccine companies from any liability for damage.  The result?  Parents—and now taxpayers—foot the bill.  How do I know?  These shots wiped out my body, my children, and my life. My children and I are in that unlucky 20+%.


Medical exemptions are a joke.  I have ASIA—Autoimmune/Inflammatory Syndrome caused by Adjuvants.

Top Israeli Doctor Points to Vaccines as Contributing to the Rising Rate of Autoimmune Diseases


When I asked my doctor for a medical exemption, she cheerily said,

“The immunocompromised are especially vaccinated.  Even cancer patients being sent off to chemotherapy are vaccinated.” 

I brought a friend of 38+ years with me, and he was completely shocked.  Another shot could kill me or, at the very least, put me in a wheelchair.  It could take away the two fingers I have left with which to send you this email.

Just try to get medical for something that is caused by vaccines in this country.  It’s ni unto impossible.  I’m on my own.

Vaccine ingredients are extremely toxic.  A list of ingredients lies below.  The list is from the CDC:


Abolish the 1986 law indemnifying vaccine makers from liability.  See how fast things change.  Stop letting industry use our bodies for income, or put those of us who cannot have these shots on an island and leave us alone.  Then you can partake of these shots your hearts’ content.  And, hey—cheer up—the adult schedule is in place, and mandates for you are coming.  I suggest you get in line now.

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