I want to bring you up to date with some recent developments.

The first is that someone in the highest level of management at Keele ordered the disabling of my donations link without any prior notice to me.

While this action has already been shown to be an error on their behalf they have refused to address this issue before ‘next week’. 

In the meantime please pass on this information to all potential donors and be informed that I will be back in touch once a new donations portal is available.

Thank you for your patience.

Many of you will have seen the article about me in The Sunday Times. In spite of the fact that the ‘journalists’ concerned were in possession of all the facts they chose to write only lies.

The names of these liars are; Shanti Das (shanti.das@sunday-times.co.uk) and Jonathan Leake (jleake@sunday-times.co.uk), do feel free to ask them about their article.

I have written to the two ‘scientists’ quoted in the article, I have copied my emails to them below;

Good Morning Dr Pollard, andrew.pollard@paediatrics.ox.ac.uk

You are quoted in an article in the Sunday Times yesterday as saying that some of the research coming from my group was ‘unusable’ and ‘bad science’.

It would be helpful to us if you could tell us which research you are referring to. Which aspects of the research are unusable and which are bad science.

Thank you

Professor Christopher Exley PhD FRSB

Good Morning Dr Akbar,  a.akbar@ucl.ac.uk

You are quoted in the Sunday Times yesterday as saying that my research (or myself) are ‘scaremongering’.

I was wondering if you would like to qualify this statement by informing us what this alludes to? Which research?

Thank you

Professor Christopher Exley PhD FRSB

Pollard did reply and said something along the lines that he was only answering questions put to him by a journalist (sounds familiar).

Akbar has not replied, perhaps you can fair better?

I just want to say thank you for your support. We know the truth and this is what keeps us going in our research at Keele.

Best wishes


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