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I hope you don’t mind me using your graphic, Javier  beBee, and Juan Imaz. As you can see, I messed with it a bit. That is one hell of a nose, Javier. 😅  Your involvements on beBee are key.
I’m not a businessperson, per se. I don’t rumble around in B2B or Marketing, etc. The world is run by the dollar, peso, or whatever. I dwell in a world where the dollar should not matter, but that is unrealistic. The world is what it is and always will be.
BeBee gives me a place to voice my opinions and rail about what should be but never will be.
In reality, business is what drives the world, and is what gives me a place to opine. I am grateful. I hope businesses around the world continue to gravitate to beBee. You’ll put up with the likes of me and us—I hope.

BeBee gives me a chance to travel the world. Gert Scholtz and his beloved South Africa; Paul Walters and his travels to exotic places; Ken Boddie and his trip to Japan, to mention a fraction. You all walk me through places that I will never be able to walk through again with your prose and visuals. Thank you.
Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee drives me through cerebral ventures. Ian Weinberg drags me through the brain. (Yes, guys—I love you both)
There are more creative writers on beBee than I can mention. You travel me through your stories and poetry with wonder.
Todd Jones bombards me with encouragement, and CityVP 🐝 Manjit embarrasses me with his eloquent praise. (I embarrass easily.)
I find myself wanting to venture into the confusing realm of what all you business writers write, but am afraid I will lose my path. John White, MBA—I will make it a goal to view what you share, so share some good ones. Show me the way.  (See–you’ve got me thinking, John, Javier, and Juan.  I must not forget Matt 🐝 Sweetwood.)
We have remarkable scientific minds.  Milos Djukic fits here, and Ian Weinberg fits here, too.  Science is a realm I seldom venture into unless it involves psychology.  (But when I was a kid, I wanted to become a geneticist and cure cancer.)

In developing characters for my fiction —my first being, which I wrote many years ago, I discovered that this simple maid’s story probably happened to someone. She took on a life of her own through my fingertips, and I often shed tears as I told her story. I came to realize I am simply a character in life and the stories I tell about myself happen to many elsewhere. I want to become a “voice” for them.

I often don’t dare Spanish, but titles like Ana María Aguilera Luque‘s
tempt me beyond my understanding. (And I do know the difference in the concept between Castilian and Mexican. I had a teacher who was proudly Castilian. I never understood the difference. )

So business—bring it on. Let’s join together in a simple path.
I feel at home here. I think we all do.

Copyright 2017 Joyce Bowen

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