March 2017

Living Her Dream

Singer Kate Campbell wants no regrets at the end of her road By Joyce Bowen  CONTRIBUTING WRITER   She stands in a cotton field in the Deep South. As she falls to her knees, she sinks her hands into the… Continue Reading →

On the Mark

Salem State College Alumnus Mark Parisi’s cartoon ‘Off the Mark’ is a nationwide hit By Joyce Bowen CONTRIBUTING WRITER A soft-spoken family man, 36-year-old Mark Parisi is low key about his successes. The walls of his studio sport framed cartoons… Continue Reading →

Women Are Declining To Breed

Motherhood was driven into me from childhood.  Schools even promoted it.  I was required to take Home Economics though I wanted to do Wood Shop.  But school could never have prepared me for what happened. Through no fault of my… Continue Reading →

Predation: Stories of Stolen Childhoods; Child Abuse

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We are a society of subcultures. As such, each subculture develops its own policing mechanism.  Doctors have Board of Medicines; lawyers have the Bar; etc.  We have to follow the Law.  In most cases, these subcultures do not. I have… Continue Reading →

Never Get Between a Lady and Her Tools

    Yea tools. Ever meet a woman that likes tools more than she likes diamonds? That’s me. I have a room dedicated to them. It’s a crappy one to be sure. Sort of unfinished with a blue board ceiling… Continue Reading →

It Takes A Chorus

  This is my second go at this article. MS Word crashed and took all my wonderful thoughts with it. One of the first things I thought was, “It doesn’t matter who gets the credit as long as it gets… Continue Reading →

This Side of Life

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I wrote this for my readership back in University. I had a following comprised of teachers and students. This is what writing meant to me then–and now: ‘This Side of Life’ The last issue of “The Log” brought you your… Continue Reading →